Doctor Strange [Spoilers]

Sorry I haven’t done this in a year a totally forgot about the blog because of school, yeah and now I finally know how to do paragraphs grade 5 yay ok not really. Ok let’s get into this Doctor Strange is about Doctor Stephen Strange he is a doctor but one day his car crashed off a cliff  and broke his hands cause comics yeah ok after that he went to a place named kamatage  comics and there random names like fing fam foom what even is that ok lets continue he went there to fix his hands  someone named the ancient one was there ooh magic ok after that the ancient one teach Stephen how to do magic like a light sword thing that comes out of his hands i dont even know ok and someone named kral modo yeah comics and the ancient one died in battle and then Strange was a ghost thing whatever well after that he was fighting karl modo and tured back time with a braclet i guesse late he went to a diemensoin to fight a floting head thing named dormomu that used to be a guy with a fire head in the comics cause yeah so he sent back time and mister head was like stop that he was like dormomou i have came to bargian so yeah and mister head never desroyed earth and then the end and after the credits  the acient ones acientent guy was evil cause comics yeah and thats the end of my blog hoped he enjoyed and may the force be with you.

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