captin amarica cival war SPOILER

in captain America civil war that is out at the time I’m doing this post I watched the trailer it is awesome bucky is back but shield doesn’t want bucky to join cap and the avengers because in captain America 2 aka winter soldier bucky was evil he was brain washed bucky is caps friend he worked with cap in the war he was basically his sidekick iron man is fighting cap because bucky was evil some avengers are helping cap but some are with ironman hawkeye , scarlet witch ,   falcon Antman are with cap and spiderman, black panther,war machine, vision black widow is on both sides

great wolf lodge

great wolf lodge is a hotel it has a game named magi quest and a huge water park i went there 2 times its super fun there homes for kids that has a bunk bed and a bed beside it its the best hotel and for grown-ups theres Starbucks this picture is the grand mount wolf lodge that’s the one im talking about its in the USA

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